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What we believe in
NOW YOU don’t have to pay the high OEM Hourly Pricing anymore!

CEC on average is more than 28% less than OEM engine programs without a long-term commitment!
We are the industry’s leading experts on turbine engines. Our focus on specific engine models allows us to apply our extensive knowledge and provide the highest caliber of service to our customers. Defying industry standards, we embraces an operator’s mentality by maintaining a sense of urgency in getting the aircraft back into the air without compromising safety, cost, and quality of work. A dynamic shop for engine sales & leases, serviceable material, maintenance, and fleet management. Our passion for aviation and priority of excellence is evident in every aspect of the company. With our innovative thinking and impeccable vision for our future, the sky is the limit as to what we can achieve.

Who we are

The Complete Engine Care program, launched in the second quarter of 2020, is associated with the well known airframe unscheduled warranty program, Av-Guard. To ensure the financial stability of Complete Engine Care, CEC has partnered with a top rated international insurance company.
AvGuard built a reputation based on reliability, service, integrity and affordability since it's establishment in 1986.

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As fellow aircraft owners, we are taking a stand against open ended engine estimates that often come back significantly higher at time of completion! Confidence is what AvGuard is giving you on your engines with a guaranteed not to exceed price when enrolling in the CEC program.  

AvGuard’s volume allows you to take advantage of guaranteed pre-negotiated low prices at participating engine shops. We are so confident in our competitive pricing that should you find a lower not to exceed cost on your engine, CEC will match that price and further discount an additional 5%.

Customized coverage is what CEC provides! Only want unscheduled or only scheduled, CEC makes it easy to obtain only what suits you needs and your annual aviation budget.


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What we do

With a combined 135 years of experience, our team of OEM factory trained mechanics provide global a rapid response for unscheduled events. Using the latest technologies, our mechanics provide solutions to keep your engines running powerful and clean.  

Maintenance capabilities include: component repair and exchange, hot section inspections, line maintenance, digital video borescope inspection, engine R&R, line replacement units and 2000, 4000, 8000 hour inspections among other things.  And with out Smart Engine Program, all of this is available to customers at a fraction of the price of other MRO shops.

Our team believes in the importance of partnerships, and we are committed to providing the turbine solutions you need, as opposed to offering an average package that is filled with services you may never use. Our focus is on specific engine models, utilizing serviceable material and striving to keep engines on-wing for maintenance events.

CEC will provide you a valuable maintenance partnership you can depend on.

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Enrollment is made simple and easy. CEC provides you with the security of hedging your aviation budget by covering the unknown costs of unscheduled failures, as well as NOT TO EXCEED pricing guaranty on both midlife and overhauls.
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